Beer Timer Speed Snorkel (multiple colours)

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The Beer Snorkels are here at The Stubby Club!

The ultimate party or pre drinks piece of equipment that ensures the most fun possible!
See who is the king or queen of snorkeling their drink! This is not only a normal Beer Snorkel, this timer Beer Snorkel has a built-in timer that allows everyone to know how many seconds it took them to down their drink! Then you can really find out who is the King or Queen of the Snorkel

A Beer is put into a Beer Snorkel with the steel airflow pipe going into the drink and your mouth going onto the other silicon side of the snorkel, the top of the airflow pipe allows air into the bottle for a very fast snorkel time and maximum fun!
  • Made from Food grade TPE and SAE 304 stainless steel
  • Compatible with other snorkel attachments
  • Fits standard bottles - not just beer
  • 2 x aerator pipe attachments
  • Comes with aerator pipe cleaning brush
  • Bottle not included, only for reference
  • Race your friends
  • Drink responsibly

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Patrick Edwards
Speed snorkel

Great item posted quickly fun with freinds