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How To Store Stubby Holders

We've all been there, you've had your mates around and now there's a bunch of stubby holders everywhere. Cluttering up your space, and they never quite fit anywhere apart from random places within your cupboards (never to be found again!).

Thankfully, there are a few neat ways to store your Stubby Holders and The Stubby Club is the leader in Stubby Holder storage solutions!

One of our favourite ways to store these is in our famous Stubby Holder Dispenser.

Stubby Holder Dispensers

We also think that these are an awesome addition to your man cave or entertaining area.

  • Can store up to 8 of your favorite stubby holders
  • Ideal merchandise to show off your team colours
  • Can be stored anywhere, Man Cave, Pool Room, Garage or Outdoor Area. Take your pick!
  • Saint Cloud
  • Made By Block

Even better, they are available in the branding of your AFL,NRL, NFL, EPL, Cricket Australia & A-League teams!

If you are stuck for a gift for any family member or friend, then the stubby holder dispenser is the perfect present for you!

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