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There’s nothing better than Friday night footy, whether you're watching from your lounge room, the local pub, or from the stands. Wherever you're watching it, you want to make sure you're supporting your team with the latest official NRL merchandise. When you're wearing NRL products, everyone knows exactly who you barrack for, and that can instill a real sense of pride. It also makes you a part of the greater sporting community. Take a look at our extensive range of products and gift items here online at The Stubby Club.

The Best Kind Of NRL Merchandise

There are so many different kinds of NRL merch out there to choose from. But your choice really depends on what you want to gain from it. If you just want to fit in with everyone else at the game or watch it from the pub, you can throw on a t-shirt or a cap, and you're good to go. But if you live and breathe your team and the sport, you might want to go all out. Some fans choose to deck their entire homes out in every item of NRL gift items they can get their hands-on, and that type of person is a massive fanatic. Companies that create NRL merchandise want fans to be able to show their love for NRL any way they can, which is why there are so many different types of NRL merch available right here at The Stubby Club.

Your One-Stop-Shop For NRL Merch

Here at The Stubby Club, we have a great range of NRL merchandise available that covers all 16 teams in the league, plus State of Origin Blues and Maroons merchandise. When you take a closer look at our online store, you’ll find a great range of stubby holders, stubby holder dispensers, bar runners, beer pong tables, beer growlers, bottle openers, flasks, whisky stones, and much more. Whatever you want in NRL merch, we’re sure to have it here online. And remember, NRL merchandise can make a really great gift! Got questions about our products? Make sure to send us your messages at or fill out our online form.