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Do you love to play beer pong? The exciting party drinking game will have your guests having a blast. Are you a fanatical sports person? Love a brand, celebrity or just have a cool design for your party theme?

Get our custom beer pong tables that Australia loves right here at The Stubby Club. It’s no secret we love a BBQ and outdoor party so we combined our passion for playing beer pong with supporting your person style. A custom table for drinking or beer pong is the perfect addition to your fan cave - man cave. Invite all your mates around and you can have a little friendly competition.

Don’t have a man cave? No worries! Your custom table for beer pong will fold into a 60cm x 60cm square with handles so you can easily store it or take it with you to parties and be the centre of attention. 

Play Beer Pong Like A Pro

Beer pong the drinking game has become a staple at parties, but most people don’t use a proper pong table, instead playing with a cheap table or even on the dining table. This isn’t ideal, especially when drinks are spilled, or balls leave dents. Our tables are made from the highest quality waterproof material to ensure any spillages on the table will not cause damage. Even if you don’t quite play like a pro yet, you will in no time when you score yourself a customised beer pong table. Our tables are regulation tournament sized, just like the ones used for playing official beer pong. All you need to do is BYO red cups or check out our reusable licensed beer pong cups.

The Beer Pong Tables Australia Loves

When you’re looking for beer pong table ideas, you can’t go past a customized beer pong table from the Stubby Club. Whether you are shopping for a fanatical sports fan, looking for cool items for your man cave or even want to compete at elite level, now is the time to treat yourself to a beer pong table. Play with the beer pong tables Australia loves, shop our collection online today.

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