Use the below steps and video to help you install your new Stubby Holder Dispenser!

  • 1: Place stubby holder dispenser in position (on a solid surface you can screw into) where you would like it to be. Ensure you can reach the top easily to put the stubby holders back in - VERY important!
  • 2: Mark with a pencil through the pre drilled holes in the dispenser on the surface you are attaching to where you will be drilling your holes.
  • 3: Take the dispenser away and pre still slightly into the surface on the pencil marks with a 1mm drill bit.
  • 4: Place The Stubby holder dispenser back onto the surface and using the screws provided screw the dispenser in place
  • 5: Go to the fridge and grab an ice cold beer!

The Stubby Co DIY Video 

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