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How To Play Beer Pong: Rules, Tricks and More

How To Play Beer Pong: Rules, Tricks and More

How To Play Beer Pong: Rules, Tricks and MoreBeer pong, is without a doubt, one of the most popular drinking games. It’s a staple in college parties, pre-game parties, watching parties, and more. Have you ever tried playing beer pong? If not, and you hope to include this in your future events, our guide on how to play beer pong might help you figure out what to do. 

How to Play Beer Pong: The Basics

Beer pong rules and requirements are quite straightforward. For starters, all you need is a standard-size beer pong table, 20 x 16 ounces plastic cups for the competing teams, ping pong (table tennis) balls, and your favourite beer. Then, you just need to remember the main mechanics of the game: 

  • Pick your game partner (or teammates, depending on how many players you want to have for both teams)
  • Arrange 10 cups on each end of the beer pong table and fill them with beer
  • Prepare a separate water cup for washing the ball before beginning each turn
  • Determine who gets to throw first by having one player from each team shoot a beer pong ball in the cup while maintaining eye contact with the other. The first one to succeed will start the game and have two beer pong balls. 

The Beer Pong House Rules

Beer Pong Game RulesWhile competing teams can make a few changes to the gameplay, everyone must follow the beer pong house rules to a tee. Some examples of these rules include the following:

  • When shooting the balls, keep the elbows behind the edge of the beer pong table
  • Each team can ask for reformation of their opponent’s cups two times during the match, except during redemption round and rollback. 
  • Bounce shots can remove up to 3 cups during each turn. The first cup is where the ball sank, while the rest would depend on the defending player's choice. 
    • However, if a player makes a bounce shot with only two cups left, only one cup will get removed.
  • A defending player can only swat a ball during bounce shots.
  • A ball that gets sank after hitting an object (or your body) still counts, so be sure to avoid it all costs.
  • The losing players can still get a chance to win through the rebuttal. Essentially, they can try shooting the beer pong balls as many times as the number of the remaining cups of the winning team. If the player fails to make the shot, the game is over. However, if the player sinks a ball successfully, the game goes into overtime.   

Beer Pong Game Glossary

Beer pong glossaryLearning how to play beer pong and win a game successfully goes beyond knowing the house rules. That’s why we thought of sharing a few commonly used terms during the match. 

  • Reformation – The reformation structure depends on how many cups you see on the table. For example, if six cups are left, you should arrange them in a pyramid position. If you have five cups, use the house formation. Here are the other cup formations for different situations:
      • Four cups – Diamond
      • Three cups – Triangle
      • Two cups – Stacked
    • Rollbacks – If you miss the cup, but the ball rolls back to your side, you can re-shoot the ball. However, you need to use a beer pong trick-shot to score the points. 
    • Redemption – Otherwise known as the rebuttal, this rule allows you to challenge the winning team for another shot. 

    Are you ready to play a game of beer pong?

    There you have it – everything you need to learn about how to play beer pong. Are you ready to host your beer pong party for a birthday, footy watch party, or other events? If you’re looking for the finest drinking party supplies like a beer pong table, beer snorkels, stubby holders, or beer bottle openers, you can check our product offers here at The Stubby Club.  

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