How To Create The Perfect Man Cave

One thing living through a pandemic has taught us is that it’s crucial to have a space at home to call your own, and a Man Cave is exactly that. Man Caves come in all shapes and sizes, and they certainly don’t need to be too flashy or full of the latest gadgets and tech. A true Man Cave should simply be a space where you feel your most comfortable, relaxed and surrounded by your passions.

So if you haven’t got a space that ticks all these boxes, get moving and use these below tips to convert that spare room, garage, shed, basement - wherever it may be - into the ultimate Man Cave that will make you never want to leave the house again. 

  • Comfy Couch & Seating
  • One simply cannot relax without a comfy couch or recliner. It’s ideal to have a mix of both if you can so that you can be set up to not only watch a game with your mates, but also when you simply want a few hours to unwind and watch your favourite movie alone. 

  • TV
  • This is a HUGE must-have for any Man Cave. Investing in a smart TV that is set up to stream all your favourite sporting matches, movies, TV shows or simply connect to your Spotify will play a huge part in making your Man Cave your favourite room of the house. 

  • Bar or Bar Fridge
  • What’s the point of escaping to your Man Cave if you have to keep walking to the

    kitchen every time you want a beverage? If you have the space to include a bar in your Man Cave, then it’s a no brainer. Not only will this be handy for when the guys come over, but also for those family gatherings you can host in your new, shiny man cave. No space for a bar? No worries, a bar fridge will also do the trick!

  • Dartboard
  • The humble dartboard - the perfect addition to your Man Cave for when you want to let off a little steam, have a moment to think about work or simply break the ice with your mates and have a friendly competition. The Stubby Club has a huge range of dartboards to choose from depending on your budget, space and interests, from AFL or NRL merchandised dartboards to personalised engraved wooden dartboards and cabinets

  • Pool Table or Beer Pong Table
  • When you think Man Cave, you instantly think pool table. The two go hand in hand. A pool table will be the centre of your Man Cave, the ideal entertainment for you and your mates while watching a game or catching up. 

    Want to really impress your mates? Enter the Beer Pong Table. Built for the true sport-loving entertainer, our AFL & NRL merchandised beer pong tables will be a winner every time. 

  • The Little Extra Touches
  • Now that you’ve got all the absolute essentials for your Man Cave, it’s time to add those little extras that will take your space to the next level. You can’t go wrong with a Stubby Holder Dispenser, so you can say goodbye to cramming your stubby holders into random cupboards. The Stubby Club has the biggest range of dispensers in Australia, with AFL, NRL, NFL, EPL, fully customised and more to choose from.

    Wall-mounted bottle openers and can crushers will also help add those little extra touches that will make this room of yours a personal oasis that your mates will froth over. 

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