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Looking for the best bar fridges for your man cave, barbeque area or lounge? The Stubby Club offers a variety of options including the Victoria Bitter Upright Fridge Bar and the Schmick Under Bench Bar Fridge. Made from high-quality materials, our bar fridges can last for years, allowing you to have perfectly chilled drinks for your watch parties and other casual gatherings with your family and mates. You can also find varying options in our collection of products. For example, we have mini bar fridges that are enough to hold a few cans or bottles of beer. If that's not enough, you can purchase the larger upright bar fridge. It has a 160-litre capacity, big enough to accommodate beverages for a large gathering.  

Tips when shopping for bar fridges

Not sure which option would suit you better? You're not alone. Many customers have a hard time choosing a bar fridge. With this in mind, we thought of creating a quick guide to help you shop for the right deal. Here are a few things you should consider when looking through our collection of bar fridges: 

Size  - To know the approximate size of your bar fridge, we suggest knowing the answers to a few questions including "how often do you host parties or gatherings at home?" and "how many guests do you usually invite and how much booze do you need to chill?" 

Branding - Branded items can add a different charm to a space. So, you might want to consider looking at bar fridges bearing your favourite brands like the Great Norther Super Crisp, Corona, Carlton Draught and Carlton Dry.

Installation style - Think about where you want to install your bar fridge. Do you want it built-in in your kitchen? Do you perhaps prefer the freestanding option?

Grab the finest man-cave accessories here at The Stubby Club

We offer all kinds of man-cave must-haves here at The Stubby Club. Whether you need bar fridges, bar runners or other items, we guarantee to offer a wide selection of products to choose from. Feel free to explore our collections today. If you have questions, please go to our contact page and submit your queries.